How to optimise for Google voice searches

People like designing their website, but that is just half the journey. There remains the need to make sure that the site is completely visible in the search. SEO service provides a complete service for uk businesses. We are happy to work with our customers across the UK and worldwide.

What is voice search on Google?

It’s a certain feature that enables one to search a website using a google voice commands rather of writing. You can use google voice search on both phone mobile and also computer devices.

How UK SEO service providers direct you to optimize your website for voice searches on Google. Upon using google voice search, you must stay on the wake to allow the google to start analyzing whatever you say. You can do that by use of voice command which hands-free on certain mobile devices and operating systems. Also, you can do it by pressing or clicking the microphone icon on the right search box on google tab.

Furthermore, SEO service UK believes that there is minimal difference between voice search and the normal search query. Even searches “near me” on the desktop will be very similar to the results of similar queries carried out by voice search on a mobile device.

Whether you typed your query or said it, you are taken to a common page of search results. For example, If you are looking for a certain direction to any place using a mobile, you will see a modified SERP server than the one using a computer but looking for the same information.

In principle, however, voice queries often return similar if not identical results in the form of queries typed on the machine. It is much easier and convenient to say your question rather than to enter it.

Yes, SEO services in the uk can carry out the optimization without knowing which queries are voice, because we can carry out mobile optimization without knowledge of mobile questions; However, knowing the nuances of google voice search may assist Google and marketers to work better by helping users find what they are looking for when they ask for it.